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March 2019 by Terry Verduin


The charging bull of illuminated energy in structured reading mentoring programs, reading mentorship and reading tutoring helps reach the expected level or the next level.

Mentoring fills gaps. Structured mentoring teams offer continuity of effort and oversight. Their expertise assists dual working and single parents bridge broad academic and socio-economic ranges for their children's success.

Going Places? Stages in learning advance by experience rather than by age. Learning to read takes practice. Mentorship may instill an enthusiasm for reading activities. Students learn by participating with others.

Pastel Play? A structured reading mentoring program can supplement the diminishing role of family in education. The Reading Mentors Program of the Governor's Office of Georgia is a working example.

Small Wonder? Religious organizations are getting involved. Churches and temples go beyond teaching scripture and elements of faith. They help guide families to appropriate educational materials and healthy interpretations.

Net Neutrality? Screens with unmemorable content, hyped-up junk and shocking games captivate kids. The playing field often consists of weaker or equal players. Little may be gained from closely-aligned positions.

Maximum Impact? Reading proficiency at the end of third grade is an indicator of future achievement. Skills are prescribed by academic standards. Book complexity is judged by technical applications, formulas and systems.

Methods to Improve Reading

Green Screen? Typing two paragraphs of extracted text in Microsoft Word under Spelling & Grammar scores readability. Reading online text helps determine complexity. An author's work rarely differs in this respect.

Popular? The Lexile Framework used in schools is a registered trademark of MetaMetrics, Inc. It offers a framework for determining text difficulty and for measuring students' different reading abilities.

One Scale? State Departments of Education use MetaMetrics publishing technologies and research branches. These connect designated books to tens of million students across the U.S. and the English-speaking world.

Flaws? MetaMetrics Research initially was funded by: NICHD under NIH, part of HHS. Testing sends money to specific titles, despite the inaccurate qualifying scales and accompanying restrictions on student reading choices.

Omissive? MetaMetrics partners with EBSCO This extends the Lexile Scale to article databases made available in schools and libraries. Processing excludes rhyming texts, links, citations and other non-prose information.

Reading Mentorship

Compare and Contrast? Mentors are stronger players. They help others rise to challenges. It is helpful to have a child read a passage, then explain the content. A mentor may hasten integration and advancement of late bloomers.

Silver Lining? Mentors rarely expect or need reciprocation. They can be older or younger than the person mentored. They are defined by expertise and willingness to facilitate the metamorphosis of someone less experienced.

All Covered? Tutoring adds individualized structure and progress measurement to educational efforts. It may promote academic confidence in struggling readers and help advanced children push beyond grade level.

Seeing Red? Fast-moving screen time pulls kids from reading. Screen time is fast-paced, but rarely instructive. Children play online rather than read. A child who does not read, does not learn about career-building subjects.

Growth Plan? Schools are incorporating mentorship into student development. Guidance and direction aid in the development of skills and knowledge. Homelessness, suspension and early parenthood may be curbed.

Craft Work?. Tutors help beginners mature. Should individuals be lucky enough to find contributors with vast experience, the expectation is for them to work hard on any deficiencies. Self help with: Reading Helps Writing.

Beyond Reading Tutoring

Readers need Writers? There can be no readers without writers. Those who aspire to success in life must be exposed to successful examples. Writers are no exception to this time-tested rule.

Tutoring for Writers? Editing and ghostwriting companies have long served literature. An expert eye can massage work into polished form. It is helpful to have professional guidance into the audiences for distinct genres and ages.

Perfect World? Mentorship need not be in the form of a structured system. An experienced, knowledgeable mentor can guide those with less experience or knowledge. A mentor helped this author learn to write for children.

Not my Mirror? Mentors have their own brand of energy. Terry Verduin was fortunate to have Graeme Lofts as her mentor in the field of childhood reading, writing and education. He continues to influence her work.

Launch Pad? Change and inherent complexities of outreach also make technology critical. The search is on for an influential successor to take over and expand the potential of this multi-site platform with literary properties.

Stale Status Quo? Unknown writers find it virtually impossible to gain traction. Established early arrivers are entrenched in public awareness. Surprising content in influential hands may bring welcome disruption.