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How to Make Reading Fun for Adults:

Family reading video is on this page. To counteract the sound distractions on many reading videos, V. R. Duin, explored how to make reading fun for adults as well as for children during online activities.

The first effort was quiet reading animations. Since sound is personal to individuals, it was left out. Initial testing proved sound matters for tech users. To improve the experience, it was added to most of these videos.

Technology can make reading fun for readers of all ages and media types. Reading rates matter for children and adults of the Digital Age. Technology enables everyone to participate fully in the process of learning and understanding content.

Screen readers assist those without vision or navigation abilities. Young children are challenged as they study and work to develop early digital skills. Adults also complain they don't have the time or the tools for reading. Reading Rates wants everyone to love reading.

Reading rates matter for modern living and learning. To stimulate learning, these videos are fun, contemporary and inspirational. The videos are crafted with purpose and meaning. The goal is to raise children's reading rates at home. Often, they are reading at school.

Adults often do reading for work. Reading can be done everywhere. Waiting in line is a good time to pull out a book or read online. Reading with children can be fun for adults. The words in the video are: Those who think tech is cool really should stay in school. Our world has a need for folks who can read. This text is not from a V. R. Duin book. (39 seconds)